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Joe Callero: ‘I Coach People, Not Basketball’

Callero in his office.

by Trent Merfeld

At one point in his life, Joe Callero worked as a carpenter in the morning, assistant coach in the afternoon, and attended Seattle University’s masters program in the evening.

He did all he could to coach basketball, and more importantly to coach people.

“My first job was coaching summer league for Foster High School’s junior varsity team, and my payment was a hamburger and a beer after the game by the varsity coach,” Callero said.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central Washington, and then a master’s in counseling from Seattle University, Callero used his education to better his coaching.

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Cal Poly On Campus Sports Slideshow

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Tim Walsh: Man First, Football Coach Second

Cal Poly News / Stacia Momburg

by Trent Merfeld

Life is bigger than football. To Cal Poly Head Football Coach Tim Walsh, there is much more to the game of football than what transpires on the field.

In 1972, as a senior quarterback at Serra High School in San Mateo, California, Walsh’s Padres had a game in San Jose. It was that day Walsh said he gained a new perspective on football.

“There was a mini riot at the game. One of our players had his helmet off, and somebody out of the stands took his helmet and wacked him across the head. Then, he was in critical condition and to be honest, he was never the same again. At that moment, I realized that there are a lot of things out there more important than football, and I realized that not everybody’s life skills are on the same level,” Walsh said.

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Introduction to Coaches Corner

Hey readers, this is Coaches Corner, a blog dedicated to the lives and stories of coaches.

Most sports are typically covered from the same perspective, and usually in the same style. Fans have become accustomed to reading about coaches through the same post game interviews and recaps. That’s why Coaches Corner covers a new and interesting aspect of coaching.

Rather than ask questions about the most recent win or loss, Coaches Corner explores other aspects that aren’t normally explored in typical interviews. Think of this blog as ESPN’s 30 for 30 specials. The idea is to get a special inside look at each respective Coach’s philosophy of their craft, and the personal sentiments that accompany that philosophy.

The first interview with Cal Poly Head Football Coach Tim Walsh will be posted next week.


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