Summer 2012 and Beyond

20 May

As my assignments and requirements for my class Journalism 285 are ending in a couple weeks, I plan to keep this website alive. I feel like I have met some of my goals, but also left some on the table. My ultimate goal was to spread the word about division one coaches’ stories beyond the prototypical interview, and from the responses I have received to this point, I feel as though I have done exactly that.

As far as Coaches Corner’s popularity, I am satisfied with almost 1,100 hits in six weeks, but I would really like to reach the 1,500 view point before the end of June. With my upcoming video interview and final story I hope to reach that point. Moving forward I plan to use this blog indefinitely as an aggregate source of information, similar to The Huffington Post. Coaches Corner can become an agreegate source of top coach stories across the country.

Hopefully by aggregating interesting stories intro one viable place can keep Coaches Corner around for a long time to come.

Thank you readers for all of the support, and know that this is not the end for Coaches Corner, but genuinely a new beginning.

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